Friday, September 17, 2010

Blog Update--New 9-11 Blog

Good morning everyone...I just popped in to say that I have been working on a NEW blog...started on it this past 9-11 because it is strictly all about 9-11. it is listed on my profile under the 'My Blogs' header.

The thing is, as you all know, I am a great lover of 'conspiracy theories',
and just plain old theories in general. The thing is, this past September 11 I spent all that day recording the 9-11 documentaries in the bedroom, while
watching C-Span News in the living room and doing some 9-11 research of my
own on the computer. I found some really good web sites and some even better
articles. Anyway, on my profile page is a link to the new blog that is about
nothing but 9-11, complete with a "disclaimer" and links to some very interesting web sites.
So, check out my new 9-11 information discussion blog and let me know what you think.

Thank you all for your support, and have a great weekend.


Karen Howes said...

Hey Nancy, thanks for stopping by. Sorry I've been remiss in visiting your place.

What a great idea to create a blog about 9/11. I can't find a link, though...

United Conservatives of America said...

It should be listed on my profile.

Karen Howes said...

Found it-- thanks!

Ben Ferguson Show

Ronald Reagan Speech--A very good lesson for Obama to learn!

Ronald Reagan Speech--A very good lesson for Obama to learn!
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