Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hello My Loyal Readers

Ok, I know that I have been away from here a very long time...9 months...well, I got busy working long hours for little pay, and then I started doing a lot of yard sales to make extra money. My computer broke down again and had to get it fixed...then on April 6 of this year, my brother was driving me to work and we were in a bad car accident.

We both had to be transported to the hospital by ambulance. His injuries were not as bad as the injuries I sustained on the right side of my body, because all of the damage to his car was on the passenger side.

I had a fractured right foot...4 dislocated ribs (right side)...right knee was dislocated...a fracture in my upper right arm...a dislocated right wrist and assorted other cuts and briuses. Thank God for seat belts and air bags. The driver of the truck made an illegal left turn at the last minute right in front of us and we smashed into him. His truck actually flipped up on the 2 driver's side wheels. Thankfully, the force of the impact pushed us backward and his truck did not land on top of the car or I would have been hurt a LOT worse.

Anyway, while I was here at home mending, I just watched a lot of NCIS, CSI, Law anmd Order and started playing a lot of different 'war' games such as Evony, King and Conqueror, Lords Online, Tribal Wars, and Grepolis.

But, I found my way back to the blog world. So, I am trying to manage my time better so that I can take care of my games and my blog.

Anyway, hello everyone.

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Ronald Reagan Speech--A very good lesson for Obama to learn!

Ronald Reagan Speech--A very good lesson for Obama to learn!
Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.


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