Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Conspiracy Theory--Nobel Prize

Ok, I am one to admit that I absolutely LOVE conspiracy theories.

So, here is my conspiracy theory about Barak Obama and his Nobel Prize--


With so many other Nobel Peace Prize nominees who, by far, are so much more deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize, it kind of makes me wonder if maybe (just maybe) Barak Obama 'bought' his precious award, and if he did, just how much of our taxpayer dollars did he have to dish out for it.

Who is REALLY more deserving of this award? Well, let's see, first we have--

#1 Sima Samar--who was ranked at #28 by Forbes as one of the '100 Most Powerful Women' who was a women's rights activist in Afghanistan who had one of the toughest jobs in the world


#2 Ingrid Betancourt--who was a politician and anti-corruption activist who was kidnapped by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia and held prisoner for 6 years


#3 Denis Mukwege--a doctor and the founder of the Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, Congo who has helped women and girls who were the victims of gang rape and brutal sexual assaults


#4 Hu Jia--a Chinese human rights activist who recieved the Sakharov Prize for 'Freedom of Thought' and who worked as an AIDS Awareness activist in China


and #5 Wei Jingsheng--the best known Chinese human rights activist and democracy fighter, and leader for the opposition of Chinese Communism and Dictatorship who has recieved numerous human rights awards


Now, personally, I strongly believe that any one of these people are much more deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize. Why? Because they actually DID something to earn and deserve it.

What, pray tell, has 'the annointed one' done to earn and/or deserve a Nobel Peace Prize???

The answer:


So, there is my conspiracy theory.

Kind of makes you sit back and wonder.................

From zFacts .com--How's that "Hope & Change" working for you now???

Jobs Missing in the Great Recession of 2008—2100

July 10, 2009. Data through June. Note the sudden decrease in the peak-to-peak growth of jobs under Bush II. I'm not sure what explains this, but it shocked his economic advisers who predicted a return to the long run trend for the first three years of his administration. Actually the trend growth rate of non-farm jobs (shown here) wast increasing since this data series started in 1939, until Bush took office. I'm sure it's not all his fault, but he should have been more concerned.
In any case, "missing jobs" as calculated here are based on the new trend line established since January 2001.

July 10, 2009. Data through June. This shows how far actual non-farm jobs are below the lower trend line. The rate of job loss is still about 500,000 per month, while the highest rate in the first Bush recession was only 400,000 per month. As Bush left office, the job loss rate (relative to the trend) reached its maximum of just over 800,000 per month.
Just from a visual comparison with past recessions, it looks like we will lose another 3 to 7 million jobs, and not hit bottom for another year or so.
If the economy does not create enough jobs to keep up with the growth of the population and the work force, unemployment will increase. So the trend line is the right benchmark for comparison. And perhaps something closer to the old trend line would tell a more realistic story. I've make this graph as optimistic as possible.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Obama won a Nobel Prize? FOR WHAT????

Ok, I was searching on the web for a picture I could post to go along with my next blog about this Nobel Prize story, and instead I found this short article. I don't know if any of you have read it or not, but I am posting it here for you to read.

Also, from what I heard on the Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Ben Ferguson shows today, there are even some liberals and democrats who are upset about Obama winning this award.

Anyway, here is the article:


Taliban Condemn Obama As Nobel Peace Prize Recipient

AFP October 8, 2009

KABUL - The Taliban Friday condemned the decision to award this year's Nobel Peace Prize to U.S. President Barack Obama, saying he had "not taken a single step towards peace in Afghanistan".
"We have seen no change in his strategy for peace. He has done nothing for peace in Afghanistan. He has not taken a single step for peace in Afghanistan or to make this country stable," Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told AFP.
"We condemn the award of the Noble Peace Prize for Obama," he said by telephone from an undisclosed location.
"We condemn the institute's awarding him the peace prize. We condemn this year's peace prize as unjust."
© Copyright (c) AFP


My only thought this morning when I heard this was 'Oh my God! WTF!'

My First Term Paper Blog

When the Democratic Party takes over in power what happens?

  • taxes go up
  • unemployment goes up
  • government takes over

When these things happen, you get the following:

  • welfare state
  • food stamps
  • chaos

Does unemployment, welfare, and food stamps really benefit our society? Why or why not? On one hand,(some would say) it may benefit our society, but really I believe that it only makes people too lazy to get back on their feet and get a real job. This is what I would call 'abusing the system'.

What I mean by 'abusing the system' is that there are people who, once they get on welfare and food stamps after losing a job, they get to the point where they get too comfortable and then they just stay on welfare and begin to depend and rely on the government to support them instead of trying to find a job.

Here in Memphis, there are people out there right now on the streets who are 'able-bodied' --that is 'able to work'--however, they walk up and down Union Avenue, Summer Avenue, Poplar Avenue, and in Mid-town/downtown with their hands out saying 'gimme gimme gimme' like it is OUR job to support them just because we have jobs.

Here is a prime example--6 months ago, I was waiting at the bus stop on Summer Avenue in front of the Family Dollar at Summer and Highland. I had just gotten off work (I work at Pizza Hut) and this man walks up to me and he says, 'hey--you work at Pizza Hut, right?' I thought he was going to ask if they were hiring , so I said yes (after all, I was still in uniform). So, he then sticks his hand out and says, 'well, give me $5.00' THE NERVE!!! I just laughed at him and told him to get a job and he would have all the $5 he needed. He walked away and called me a racist.

I find it extremely laughable that I would be called a racist by a white man (since I too am white). How dumb was that? I do not believe in giving people like him money that I have worked hard for. After all, I have a job so I can pay my bills, not so the bums can buy cigarettes and booze. I have to buy my own booze and I don't smoke.

Now liberals would say that I am just down right cruel and mean and cold hearted because I won't 'help my fellow man'. Uhhh, sorry, but MY fellow man is a person who HAS A J-O-B'...and not someone who expects me to support their smoking, drinking, and drug habits.

Now, as for being a racist, well, it would be kind of hypocritical of me to be a racist because:

#1--I am a LESBIAN

#2--I am a WICCAN

#3--My lesbian girlfriend just happens to be BLACK.

Hmmmmm...and we are both CONSERVATIVES. Yes that's right. We both listen to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ben Ferguson, Micheal Savage, and Andrew Clark Sr, on am 600 wrec. Now, some of you (or all of you) may be asking yourselves, 'how can a lesbian and a Wiccan be conservative?' My answer is simple--"WHY NOT"?

Now, I did not start this blog to come on here and act like I know everything, and try to push my lifestyle or religion on anyone. I started this blog so I could learn more about what I believe 'politically'.

So, as a conservative, what do I believe in? Ok, let me try (as best I can) to tell you:

#1--I have a strong belief in the Death Penalty

#2--I have a strong belief in 'pro-life' (in other words, I am AGAINST abortion)

#3--I have a very strong belief in our military and what they are fighting for

#4--I do not believe in racism or predjudice of ANY kind

#5--I hold our Nation's Constitution Bill of Rights as sacred

#6--I do not believe in higher taxes

#7--I believe in limited government (in other words I do NOT approve of the government trying to tell us how to live our lives)

So, now, I leave it up to you to help educate me more on the conservative views and ideas.

Thank you.

Ben Ferguson Show

Ronald Reagan Speech--A very good lesson for Obama to learn!

Ronald Reagan Speech--A very good lesson for Obama to learn!
Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.


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